Peter (peterb) wrote in liverpool_uk,

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Long Shot

Anyone know if Stoneycroft Diesels Ltd on Empress Road L6 is open Saturdays?
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Not sure but give them a call beforehand. I had a quick google but could see no opening hours only a phone number.
Cheers, just rang them. What I thought was going to be a simple ten minute job looks like it won't be :/
On the note of car type stuff, do you know anywhere in Liverpool that is decent to get a car service and MOT. I did it last year in Scotland but will not be up there at that time this year and most people that I know with a car are either across the mersey or out at Garston. I am around the Anglican Cathedral so somewhere more centrally located would be ideal.
Not in the city, no, sorry. We tend to use Chapman Mawdsley in Formby for MOTs and so on.
That's ok, as your subject header says it was a long shot. Still got a few weeks before sorting it out and maybe someone else will read it here :D.