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Hello lovely Liverpoolers,
I'm visiting Liverpool this weekend (Saturday/Sunday 19-20 July) and could use some pointers on what to do with the very very limited time I'll have there.  I'll need to visit the Beatles museum, obviously, and Saturday night I'm reallyexcited to be going to a concert at the Echo Arena.  Any thoughts on more things to do in that area, or nearby? (A note: I'm not really the drinking/clubbing type.)

Also, and this is the downside... my traveling buddy crapped out on the concert after plans were already arranged, and our hostel is between the Echo Arena and the airport.   Should I be worried about getting a taxi there alone at 11 at night, when my concert lets out?  And my friend decided she would [do whatever she decides to do] while I'm at the show, so is there anywhere I can recommend she go/not go?

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Since you'll be at the docks anyway; do take a look at the tall ships coming in. This weekend only! :) Liverpool 08 event.

I wouldn't be worried about getting a taxi alone, have done so that late myself and it's been fine.

No idea about anything else to recommend at this hour, I'm too tired to think, sorry!
If you're a fan of art, Gustav Klimt's work in the Tate gallery down at the docks, if you have the money then I recommend checking it out and the rest of the gallery. Of course take a look in the Walker Gallery, it's stunning!