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Ripples on the Mersey
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Sunday, May 17th, 2009
12:34 pm
Monday, March 9th, 2009
2:39 pm
Magic Tree
Hey guys - does anyone know the exact location of the Magic Tree in Sefton Park? I want to go hunting for it this weekend!
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
1:17 pm
Hi =] I just thought I'd point out to anyone that's interested or whatever that I've posted around 70 pictures of those Superlambananas here. Just in case a few of you wanted to have a looksee.
Monday, July 14th, 2008
11:19 pm
Hello lovely Liverpoolers,
I'm visiting Liverpool this weekend (Saturday/Sunday 19-20 July) and could use some pointers on what to do with the very very limited time I'll have there.  I'll need to visit the Beatles museum, obviously, and Saturday night I'm reallyexcited to be going to a concert at the Echo Arena.  Any thoughts on more things to do in that area, or nearby? (A note: I'm not really the drinking/clubbing type.)

Also, and this is the downside... my traveling buddy crapped out on the concert after plans were already arranged, and our hostel is between the Echo Arena and the airport.   Should I be worried about getting a taxi there alone at 11 at night, when my concert lets out?  And my friend decided she would [do whatever she decides to do] while I'm at the show, so is there anywhere I can recommend she go/not go?

Thursday, July 10th, 2008
5:17 pm
Monday: Costa Liverpool Poetry Café!
Any fans of poetry/spoken word here? Writers too?

If so, come on out to the next edition of

For the rest of this year, the Costa Café at the bottom end of Bold Street will on the second Monday and fourth Thursday of each month become Costa Liverpool Poetry Café. Admission will normally be free, though some special events will be ticketed.
Bring along your favourite Liverpool-focused and/or Liverpool-authored and/or urban poems to read. If possible, readers should notify Alex in advance at alexss@liv.ac.uk.

Monday's featured artists will be Alice Lenkiewicz and Jeff Cottrill.

Monday, July 14, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
Costa Coffee, 13 Bold Street
Entry: free!

Hope to see you there...
Friday, March 7th, 2008
12:49 pm
War Requiem
I realise I've missed the boat a bit on this but does anyone know anywhere I can get tickets for the War Requiem at the Cathedral? 
Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
11:32 pm
The parents are coming over next week (Friday) and wants to go eat somewhere. Now, I have lived here for four months and have so far never set foot in a restaurant. Are there any nice places around?

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
10:57 pm
Tis The Season
Hey there everyone!!

Haven't posted here in a while, so here I am!

How's everybody doing lately? Looking forward to Christmas?

We've had nothing but rain lately; which has been annoying. But at least all the Christmas deccies are up around town! ^_^

I put my tree up on December 1st! Yays!! I haven't had a decent Christmas in years, or decorations.

Some of my friends sent me decorations through the post. Haha! Was a nice surprise! But I missed one of the packages twice coz the postie came when I was out (he left it with next door the second time around). A guy from next door brought it over; which was nice of him. But he musta thought I was some kinda tramp coz he came knocking when I was cleaning/bleaching, so I had these really really baggy trousers and a shitty top on that I only wear when I'm cleaning!! Hahaha!!

Anyone else got their deccies up yet?

This is my first Christmas since moving to Liverpool too! Weeeee!!

Bye for now!

Current Mood: Festive
Friday, November 23rd, 2007
9:10 pm
Long Shot
Anyone know if Stoneycroft Diesels Ltd on Empress Road L6 is open Saturdays?
Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
1:54 pm
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
7:06 pm
Anyone got any info or advice about cycling in cities? Including what sort of bike to go for. I'm a bit daunted...
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
1:37 am
Wanted: Mr Impossible Plush Toys
Hey everyone!!

This, is Mr Impossible:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He, is one of the Mr Men. I'm looking for 12 plush toys of him. The small, McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I want them by Decemeber 5th this year. Why? Because that's our 1 year Anniversary, Will and me. ^^

And seeing as he has a liking for Mr Impossible... er, he thinks he's God... I want to surprise him by showering him with 12 ickle plushies for fun. ^-^

So, if any of you out there have a McDonald's toy of Mr Impossible, or know anyone else who might have or know someone who might have, one (or indeed, more), please contact me.

I'm willing to pay for them, of course, providing the price isn't too much. ^^;; I need lots of these, remember. And I'm not exactly rich as-is.

So please, check if you can. Maybe a friend might have one? A family member maybe? Friend of a friend? Friend of a friend of a friend? XP

Thanks for reading.

And yes, I've been checking on eBay.

Current Mood: Hopeful
Friday, August 24th, 2007
1:04 pm
Hello. I'm currently on holiday in Liverpool and was wondering where would be a good place in the city centre to watch Liverpool vs Sunderland tomorrow. Help is much appreciated.

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
1:48 pm
Barber from Quiggin's
After Quiggin's closed, the gents' hairdresser upstairs moved to a new shop above a shoe shop at the top end of Bold St.
Any idea if he is still there as I haven't been that way in ages?
12:18 pm
Room For Rent In Liverpool - Photos And Info
Hey everybody!

Took some photos of the room that's up for rent, and the house in general too. I've put them (along with as much information I could think of) onto my Live Journal. So...

You can find them on my Live Journal, which is here:


Or just click this to go directly to the entry:

Sunday, August 19th, 2007
12:14 am

I've just joined, so I thought I'd introduce myself and also post something that may of interest to some of you.

Okay, so I'm Sam, I'm 25 (though I hardly act it - hehe) and I've been living in Liverpool about three months now. I'm into fun! Anime, video-games, music, theme parks, drawing... but you can check out my Live Journal User Information for everything else, I guess.

So, what may I have that could be of interest? Well, I'm currently renting a room in a house just on the Liverpool/Kensington border and there's a room going free right now. It's £55 a week for a single person or £65 a week for a couple. All the bills (cept the internet which is £10 a month extra) are included. Unless people use the electricity stupidly like leaving lights on needlessly or putting just one or two items into the wash everytime, etc. Then we'll have to share whatever's over the landlord's budget.

We have 4 bedrooms all together, and a shared kitchen and shared bathroom/toilet. We also have a small patio thingy.

We're walking distance from the City Centre and close to the University Hospitol too. There's also a park (or two, I think) near-by and quite a few shops in either direction too.

If anyones's interested; lemme know and I'll give you the landlord's number.

Sorry to use my first post like an advertisement, but I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, etc.

Monday, August 13th, 2007
12:11 pm
Laundry in North Liverpool?
Can anybody recommend a launderette in North Liverpool (like Bootle or Crosby areas) where I can drop off my laundry and then pick it up again later, washed and maybe ironed? I'm getting fed up with drying racks in my lounge and think it might save my sanity to just get someone else to do most of it for me.

I've never really gone to a launderette here, so I don't know what would be a good price or who would be least likely to ruin my clothes. :-) Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
1:47 pm
Hey people,

I'm looking for a nice green tea set as a present - does anyone have any good ideas where I might get a nice selection, maybe somewhere up in China town?
Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
10:29 pm
Organic Produce Deliveries
Does anybody know of a company that delivers organic (and preferably locally grown) produce boxes on a weekly or bimonthly basis? I know schemes exist in other areas of the country, but I haven't found one locally.

Thanks in advance. :-)
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
4:20 pm
Crane Collapse
Anybody else see the crane collapsed in the city centre on Monday afternoon. Scary site...

Current Mood: bored
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